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I Tell You Is This
How do I tell a story with lines and words?
How can I tell you about this verse?
How can I show the world,
Without taking you anywhere?
What I tell you is this,
There IS an end to the abyss.
I'll show you the world,
Just take my hand and we'll go!
There is so much more,
To this world of dark and hate,
Not everywhere does evil lurk,
No, I tell nothing of the sort.
Look beyond what you see,
Think beyond what they believe.
The truth is the only thing I seek,
And yet people hold away from me!
So what I tell you is this,
There is always a way out of the abyss.
Please don't forget me my friend,
For I'll always be there in the end.
This is my final word,
My dreams and hopes long been gone,
My story forgotten,
Memories of me have been replaced.
Hold my hand tight,
Please don't let go,
Look beyond what you see,
This is all I beg of thee.
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 0 0
The overwhelming darkness,
Flooding into my mind,
Crushing every piece of light,
Making me fall,
Making me fall.
The overwhelming darkness,
Flooding my body,
Crushing all chances to stand,
Making me mad,
Making me mad.
The overwhelming darkness,
The dark dark caves,
Echoing all sounds,
Any movements cut off,
Making me trapped.
The caves,
The walls,
Slowly moving in,
Crushing my body,
Crushing my sound.
The caves,
The coldness that seeps into my clothes,
Freezing my body,
Freezing my mind,
I cannot move.
Save me!
Rescue me!
Save me from the caves,
From the darkness,
From the madness.
The Caves run so deep,
Oh so cold,
So dark,
Driving me mad,
With that echoing silence.
Save me!
Rescue me!
Save me from the caves,
Save me from the darkness!
Save me from the caves!
The caves,
In my mind,
Of course i'm not dying,
Of course i'm not trying.
It's the caves!
I'm the only one who can see them,
Only i can see the darkness,
The cold,
The dreadful echos,
The driving madness!
The caves,
Save me from
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 2 0
A Lie
I'm feeling the pain.
I am feeling the hurt.
Can anyone see that i am hurting?
No of course not.
Although i want to cry,
I hold my head up high.
My wrists are clear,
No marks, no blood.
Yet it is my heart that is torn.
A smile on my face,
Laughter in my voice,
Yet nothing reaches my eyes.
If people were to look,
What would they see?
Only a sea of broken dreams.
I say things to people,
Tell them to smile,
Tell them to laugh,
Yet i am such a hypocrite.
I am sorry that i lie,
I'm sorry i deceive you,
Yet i cannot tell the truth,
It's only to protect you.
Don't ask me how i am,
For the only thing i'll say is "I'm Fine!"
I just want you to know,
This is a lie.
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 4 0
Mature content
F*uck Today :icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 0 0
I Am Sorry
There's so much i want to say,
But only one thing can get through,
Is three words.
I Am Sorry.
You Keep saying it's fine,
Please, don't lie.
I know it's not okay
Everything i have done today.
I tried so hard
Please know that
I never meant to hurt you,
Yet i ended up wounded too.
All i want to do is scream,
But i can't, i seem to have lost my voice.
My heart hurts a lot
But there's nothing i can do.
I knew it was too good to be true.
You are every girl's dream
While i am just the thing no body wants to "eat".
I knew it was too good to be true,
Only in my dreams.
I am sorry,
I let you get away.
I never meant to,
But it happened anyway.
Think of me
At least let me be in your mind,
Think of me
Like i'll think of you.
I am sorry,
I'm sorry i wasn't good enough
I'm sorry i let you slip through
You left me in the dust
But i put you in the trash.
I hope you can forgive me,
Even though you say i am,
I am sorry.
Now lets close our eyes and dream of sugar lands
Where we'll be
Hand in hand.
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 6 0
The black bold mark stands out on her pale white skin.
No matter where she goes she is made fun of for her sin.
All she wants to do is curl up and cry
But instead she holds her head high.
She has the black bold right on her skin
She smiles every time she sees it.
She knows that when she sees it,
She is reminded of that past life.
A life she has escaped from,
Even when others do not know she does not live that life any more.
All she wants to do is cry,
But she holds her head high.
With the sharpie mark on her skin,
She proves she is no longer in sin.
When there is pain inside,
She knows she will survive.
But what is this mark?
This mark of hope and happiness that is upon her skin?
While on one wrist she has a mark,
The other is filled with cuts.
She wants to curl up and cry,
But she holds her head high.
But what IS this symbol?
What gets her through the day?
The mark upon her skin,
Is nothing but a simple ;.
What does it mean?
It's when a writer has a option to end a sentence, but decid
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 2 0
I Sit
I sit.
There's nothing else to do.
I'm sitting.
Sitting and crying.
I curl into a ball.
The pain becoming too much.
I am alone.
I am always alone.
Life had once been so good.
Instead it sits and laughs at me.
I sit.
I am alone.
I cry.
But i do not die.
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 4 5
My Brother
I hear the words echo through my mind...
            your brother has just died.
I feel nothing at this thought.
            No sadness, no anger. nothing.
Myself cannot cry
            Even though my brother just died.
Was he in pain with that shot?
            Did he bleed alot?
Questions that i know,
            Do not have the answers.
My body hurts
         yet i feel no pain.
How could this be?
          It couldn't be.
My brother, the one who stopped all my fights?
          The one who since childhood has always watched for me?
My brother, the one who cooked me nuggets in the nights?
          Now lays dead in the colden ground?
My brother, the one who i loved?
          Who let me rest my head on his should
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 3 5
Any Ideas?
So i really want to write something, but i have no idea what to write. x3 so i wanted some ideas form my fans! But please, keep in mind these rules:
1.) It has to be appropriate. I do not want any ideas that is meant for people 18 and up. if you want any of those ideas, feel free to send me a note on my other account, Kakashi-Sensei-Gaara.
2.) I don't mind yaoi or yuri ideas, but again, please nothing inappropriate!
3.) I want something that is a hoilday related, so christmas, thanksgiving, halloween, anything like that!
4.) Please nothing sad or depressing, i always get down writing things like that. x3
alrighty, well i think that's all! So please, if you have ANY ideas, please send me a note. I'd really appricate it!!
Thanks guys! (and Girls x3)
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 0 6
Peter Pan In Neverland
Peter Pan looked up to the sky, the rain falling onto his face like needles. Why? Why was he alone? He had so many friends. But now they’re gone. A sob worked its way up Peter’s chest. The entire sky seemed to be mourning for Peter. The sky was a dark grey; the only flashes of lightning were the only light on the entire island. The tears that Peter held back broke free and Peter could barley keep himself from screaming from the pain that filled his chest. Why? Why would anyone want to go to a place where you get to grow old and be a grownup where they tell you what you have to do? Peter Pan didn’t understand. Loneliness filled Peter’s body and overcame whatever joy had been in his body. Even the bright green of his clothes seemed dimmed in the rain and dark sky. Peter cried, each sob over wracking his body as thunder crashed his ear drums. Suddenly though, Peter felt angry. He felt a rage greater than when Tinkerbelle almost died from Captain Hook. Peter looked
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 0 0
Before I Found you,
Before I found you,
I couldn’t feel.
My body was so numb,
My heart couldn’t pump.
Before I found you,
I was like a walking corpse,
A face with no smile.
Before I found you,
My heart was cold.
I felt so worthless,
Felt so desperate.
Before I found you,
A hurt I can’t describe
Filled my body.
Before I found you,
I had been dreaming of you.
I had you in my mind,
I just hadn’t met you yet.
Before I found you,
I already knew you.
I just couldn’t find you.
When I found you,
I knew it had to be you.
You filled my mind,
Filled my heart,
With the feeling,
Of a feeling I had never felt.
I knew I had found you.
When I found you,
I knew instantly I loved you.
You were everything I wanted,
Everything I had imagined.
You warmed my cold heart,
You made a smile on this face,
You made me feel alive.
When I found you,
I wanted you to be mine.
You took me in,
Warmed me up,
Made me alive,
Flooded my mind,
With only you.
When I found you,
Worth came to me,
The desperate left,
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 5 0
Through Hell And Back 6 Part 1
Shadow put her head on her hand and sighed. What was she going to do with Dark Blood? It had been a week since he had eaten her, and he was still bragging about it as the town continued the search for her. But they wouldnt find her. That i knew for certain.Shadow was so lost in thought, that she didnt even notice when Dark Blood slide in the booth beside her. "Why hello there Bellus." He whispered in her ear, causing her to jump. "OH Ater Sanguis, it's you." Dark Blood smirked and nibbled on her ear gently. "Who else would it be?" He asked, playing with her hair. Shadow laughed and shook her head, clearing her thoughts. "I don't know. i havent had a human in awhile." Dark Blood laughed. "Well why don't we get you one? Choose anyone inside this diner." Ater Sanguis gestured to the entire resturant they were at, smirking. "...That one." I pointed to a couple eatting a shake with two straws. "Aw look at the happy couple. At least they will die together." Shadow laughed and laid her head o
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 0 5
I take the sword that is drenched in blood, its once silver blade a crimson red with the blood of the enemy's  who i have killed. may heart feels heavy, a hole in it that can never be replaced. How could i not known it? how could i not seen it until it was too late, till the blood of my enemy already spilt? already dead? how? i sit down and wait, i wait for a fate i know that is sure to come. No one can help me now.
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 1 0
Be Still
Be still my beating heart,
Don't be mean to thy body,
Stop pounding against my chest,
Stop making it hard to breath.
Be still my aching mind,
Don't be mean to thy body,
Stop thy aching,
Stop thee thinking that i have.
Be still my wounded body,
Don't be mean to thee,
Stop thy hurting,
Stop thy cutting.
Thee that reads,
Stop thy tonight.
The pain goes away,
Just like every night has thy day.
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 5 4
Rose by A-Writer-Uses-Art Rose :icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 1 0
Every rose has its thorns,
But if we remember only the thorns,
We will forget the beauty that is the flower.
We will forget the softness of its petals,
We will forget the sweet smell that it brings,
We will forget the plump crimson redness that brings the beauty.
The thorns are only one part of the beautiful flower,
You can’t let your fear of the thorns,
Take you away from the beauty of the flower.
Remember that the Rose has its soft petals,
It’s sweet scent,
The crimson red of the beauty,
The thorns are only one part of the Rose.
Sweet, soft, beautiful, and thorny.
Aren’t we all just a rose?
:icona-writer-uses-art:A-Writer-Uses-Art 5 3


As the status quo slip away unnoticed between the cracks of broken lies
will we look upon our lives and wonder if the demise
of those times
were worth the discomfort it took personally 
to step outside of the rigid claws of moulds so sure
to question if we have been so pure
to ponder if it was a good fight
to wonder if we should have just hid and waited
for someone else to brave those storms
to spread the calm over darkness falling like cascading doom
into other's rooms 
while we slept
while sinister minds crept along corridors
while we locked our hearts and closed our doors
while we stayed close to the floor
while babies wept and starved 
and spirits were tinkered with like rag doll toys 
of old yesterdays spent
we'll wonder if we need repent?

Or we will not need wonder 
for we acted
knowing self worth and dignity stood tall alone
taller than any comfort of false premise that all would just pan out
that the shadows we sensed were
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 16 4
Chambers of Tomorrow
In a space we walk across distances spanning light years
Dependent on nothing but what we know 
Opening to everything
Shut to none
Eyes sparkle bewilderment for the magic done

Let my emotions cascade upwards towards rafters of elation
Solid logic lost and senses of inner sight in the equation
I am reborn into this new view
Devoid of trepidation or hesitation

Welcome to all yesterdays that have passed
Celebrating unending forward vector to certainties
Running to catch up with my racing worlds
I'm the driver and the track now a speck below
I have arrived with awe
I could only show it
Words couldn't ever express all I saw
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 16 10
She sits alone
feels kicked to the curb,
hopes for a lift from a crush 
but the car never rounds the bend 

in that romantic swerve,
a guy waits at home by his cell,
wondering if he'll be excluded tonight

in what's going down,
somehow he knows no one is really around,
with what are dubbed friends in this day and age,

we almost seem to prefer it goes this way.

Where has the stretch of sacrifice gone?
When did that dedication disappear?
We feel it in that inspirational song,
at times seek it through words,
in movies acted out to effect,
almost recognizable,
those things within us for which we so long,
it must have existed once

or we'd never sense it was gone.

The girl centre circle spewing the latest of gossip,
lip gloss shining and hair flowing,
secretly wonders where her true sense of self has roamed,
off of her integrity she's
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 17 21
Taming the Beast
Breath of vapours crawling across skin so warm
scaling a wall grasping for the heart
pulse quickens as the plot thickens
what will ignite 
is the answer to what he wants to incite

Causing a riot
eyes intense
words so quiet
she gives over the controls
she won't deny it

All that she knows she is
he sees 
he tells her so
by aiming to please
he may have sides that cause men fright
he'll tame it to raise her on high 
to see she knows that though the devil lives within 
he'll chain Lucifer slightly to give a wicked pleasure 
to this here found little treasure

She is well aware
the fact a gentleness exudes
that a respect comes forth 
he must have quelled the animal enough 
to express to her she was worth enough 
for him to love
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 16 0
Can I be Beauty?
Can I capture an essence of those things around me,
make them good to me,
make them beauty?

Could I dissolve where pain and hurt hit,
where aches tended to be,
make myself empathy?

Could I immerse in murky waters,
all salty brine to any reception,
only to make beautiful perception?

Am I touched by the tenderness of those I've known,
ones I'll come to know,
enough to have beauty show?

Can I melt hatred,
ease suffering of ridicule and betrayal,
calm emotion incensed,
make space to allow beauty's presence?

Can I grasp loyalty as an honour,
show others what is now felt,
perhaps ever widening,
with beauty replace the pelt?
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 12 0
A Lesser Tale
Distance becomes us,
panders to our degrees of separation,
coasting on spirals echoing
raining from the exosphere,
fading idea of you,
somehow tasting you,
I'm falling away,
wasting you.

Wrapping pain into ribbons of unknown nature,
stringing beads of yesteryear to decorate the twine,
clasped hands bind,
what went down,
hurt well found.

It's all relative,
sad for you having to have outlived,
watching endlessly as the sun goes down,
broken promises,
not a chance to heal it,
no longer around.

A quiet midwestern home tells our story,
those visits to my room,
twisted sense of doom,
so wrong,
so in love with you.

Lock on my door wasn't enough 
to keep the secret from my eyes,
he would come and go,
each time the pain would grow,
nothing to show for it,
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 10 0
Gaara cosplay - megacon2007 by ereptor Gaara cosplay - megacon2007 :iconereptor:ereptor 10,678 1,123 Sakura gets stoned by Freakin-WhatTheHeck Sakura gets stoned :iconfreakin-whattheheck:Freakin-WhatTheHeck 1,227 391
The Lady and her Tramp
A love that was never meant to be,
A love only to be lost at sea
Lower class man to love a lady
A lady to fall for a tramp
The spaghetti to make a lasting impression
For the times to come would be the lovers depression
To witness the occurance would be to viewers discretion
The lovers to not care but only to gaze in each other dazes
Nobody could seperate the bond of the lady and the tramp
People only seeing the social classes and not the people within them
What is this display?
Royalty to slums who would care, honestly he was a stud and she was his hun =D
Closer than peanut butter and jelly, not a care in the world about their eternal love
Thus it is to late to seperate, the lover toll is forever gold
Their hearts to not be apart, it is more of an art.
To color affection like an artist in the heat of painting.
The doors to close no more, the lady and the tramp to be reborn
To be anewed like a christmas store, on December twenty-fourth.
Love through a telescope or just to be heard throu
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 4 29
They call me a Tramp
But where is my lady at?
We would enjoy Spaghetti Dinners
Even if it were in the Winter
The atmosphere getting heavy, we must be the center
Of attention again
It is difficult being mentioned
In a conversation,
Saying we would be untrue
Weird is it not; how girls prove
How to lie
And spill their gossip on a couple
Yet as my lady you show me why
You are my saving grace, perfect in my eye
Twinkle twinkle little star oh I wonder where thee art
At this time the shine overwhelming, approaching upon the mare.
Till Time do us part
You as my Lady
And I as thine Tramp
These words even through death I shall not take back!
Light beaming down, even if we were not meant to be,
Fates make mistakes, we were destined to meet
Bliss is the mist we art surrounded in, agony not to find or penetrate!
The flowers blooming, a new season about to boom, thou be my honey bee, that has no plans to leave
For I the flower to supply only you with my Nectar(Love) to stand proud, and stay strong f
:iconwildfire-redemption:Wildfire-Redemption 4 12
NARUTO: OSOoC - Chapter 4
Kakashi's House of Pancakes
Hinata: "Oh my! What happened?!" (Inner Hinata: Sucker!)
Naruto: "Well. You're not gonna believe this, but apparently some crazy person burned my house down then tried to smash what was left of it with a hammer!"
Hinata: "Oh! How awful! Of course you can stay here!" (Inner Hinata: Damn. I forgot about the hammer…)
Naruto: "Eh-heh... Thanks..."
-Both go inside-
Naruto: "Wow. Big place you got here."
Kakashi: "I get to sleep in the attic!"
Naruto: "Oh... That's right... You're here too..."
Kakashi: "Anyway... What the hell do you horny kids want?!"
Hinata: "Uh... ...Dinner?" (Inner Hinata: Psycho...)
Kakashi: "Oh... Follow me!" -Runs with arms out in the air while imitating airplane noises- "WHEEE!"
Naruto & Hinata: -Sweatdrops-
-In the kitchen-
Kakashi: "Dinner's almost ready!" -Making pancakes-
Naruto: "Kakashi?! You cook now?!"
Kakashi: "The evil monkey said a hobby might be therapeutic!"
Neji: -Walks in- "EH?! WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE?!"
:iconnovanator:Novanator 411 208
Distant Voices
-Dedicated to those who saw only one 
solution to bullying and to their loved ones

You mocked me, 
socked it to me and left me there pleading, 
and I the foolish one who'd ended up believing, 
nothing quite so unrelieving.
Shrill laughter cackles down corridors of learned shame, 
all I absorbed here in the manner of my haunting,
was my defense of self seeming always left wanting.
A moment alone with each, caught apart from the rest, 
I tried to ask some for reason, begged mercy for their treason, 
I tried to do my best.
They fouled the air I breathed and made my sanity scarce, 
they pointed up the worst as though I was some monster, 
later wishing I had guessed their farce,
equanimity ticked slowly behind me,
had become too sparse.
Burning embers emblazoned with venom spits of bile, 
oh we have not seen each other in quite a while, 
since you last met me I have grown some teeth, 
you can find my name now
:iconiam-dreamfire:Iam-Dreamfire 12 25
Thing's I Long to Say
If I gave you poetry,
What what would you give to me?
If I broke and let it go,
Would you hold my shattered self?
Would you put me back together,
Without putting me though hell?
Please understand
I need you not to be a heroin
You know how to take a joke,
And a subtle complement too
But can you see the light
Behind those eyes
   You call, just blue
I don't know your friends,
And mine are all gone to war
With themselves,
        Their demons
  And mortar shells
Falling away so far
So when I say these words
Don't think I'm just confused
Your eyes,
   They've never been just blue
Because they've always belonged
           to you
:iconless2thetruth:Less2TheTruth 1 9
Lovers Lane
The mountain of my heart
Splits, crags,
And falls steeply apart
But I'd show you a path
That would lead you safely
From the start
So take my hand,
And stop thinking so loud
I'll be with you
I'll stand out of your crowd
I'll hold you up
To see what you have found
So say the words
Those you can't take back
I want to hear them badly
They are all I lack
Give me something real
And I will give
    I will give
Every ounce of it back
:iconless2thetruth:Less2TheTruth 1 2
Mature content
Moment of Impact :iconiam-dreamfire:Iam-Dreamfire 3 0

Give me your beating heart,
I will gently clasp it but only to hold,
give me your life,
I will softly nurture it but
only if it's freely offered,
give me your dreams,
I will kindly live up to them 
until our end of days this lifetime,
then I will set you free,
to be somewhere new whatever you want to be.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 20 0



So i really want to write something, but i have no idea what to write. x3 so i wanted some ideas form my fans! But please, keep in mind these rules:

1.) It has to be appropriate. I do not want any ideas that is meant for people 18 and up. if you want any of those ideas, feel free to send me a note on my other account, Kakashi-Sensei-Gaara. 

2.) I don't mind yaoi or yuri ideas, but again, please nothing inappropriate! 

3.) I want something that is a hoilday related, so christmas, thanksgiving, halloween, anything like that!

4.) Please nothing sad or depressing, i always get down writing things like that. x3 

alrighty, well i think that's all! So please, if you have ANY ideas, please send me a note. I'd really appricate it!!

Thanks guys! (and Girls x3)



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